Truly portable collaboration and conferencing

If your users cannot participate within minutes of connecting to your collaboration software, it is not truly portable .

Apply the portability test before you buy

  • If you must have a particular browser to access your meetings, your meetings are not truly portable.

  • If your personal settings are stored in the client program on your desktop computer, you meetings are not truly portable.

  • If your customers, partners, clients and divisions cannot join your meetings without special training or software setups, your meetings are not truly portable.

  • If the comment display speed whenever you connect over ordinary phone lines can be compared to a crawl, regardless of access provider, then your meetings are not truly portable.

MeetingWeb works with most any browser
...and multiple web servers

No special proprietary software; no browser wars; no plug-ins; no upgrade nightmares to resolve before you can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

You can sit down at any networked computer using standard Internet protocols or use a modem and communications program to dial up a computer running MeetingWeb.

Use an old browser, a new browser, Netscape, Microsoft, or no local browser at all. You can connect from a Palm-Pilot or suplus computer without an installed browser--just dial direct or telnet to a server running MeetingWeb and participate in your meeting using a text-only browser.

With MeetingWeb all you need to pack is your password
Your prefered display view, your bookmarks, your list of read and unread comments--all your preference settings are stored on the server. Your meeting appears the way you want it from wherever you sit.

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Ease of Use Issues
Every employee hour spent in training to learn an overly complex or quirky collaboration system is a compounded loss: a loss of productive work time, excess expenses in the form of training charges and falling behind competitors using simple, ready-to-run applications like MeetingWeb.

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Performance when and where you need it
MeetingWeb is designed and tested to perform over slow 14.4 modem connections and ordinary phone lines. Although we cannot guarantee that Internet backbone and Internet access providers will be without performance problems, we do guarantee that MeetingWeb will perform as well as a standard web page or a standard e-mail program under the same conditions.

With MeetingWeb Replication, we can set up a secondary meeting server that users can access if your primary meeting server is down.

When free or cheap software is no bargain

  • if no one uses it or those that use it hate it
  • if it can't do what you need it to do
  • if cost of service or upgrades to make it work are many times the purchase price
  • if your users' privacy is compromised by hidden profiling or their attention is distracted by banner ads
  • if the product design does not encourage the creation of value for your organization, you will have wasted one of your most precious and limited commodities: your time

Contact us. We promise not to waste your time.

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