MBA Students Talk About Using MeetingWeb

'I have literally run home after class so I can post my comment as soon as I get to the computer. The class [MeetingWeb meeting] was just as important as attending the actual class...the discussions made it easier for me to communicate not only on the Web, but also in class. (J.H.)

MeetingWeb enabled us to get much more of our classmates's opinions and feedback, in much more depth than would have been possible in a traditional online discussion. (N.C.)

"Class discussion was extended beyond the borders of the classroom. If we ran out of time the discussions could continue online. Answers given to class questions were different online. People had a chance to frame their questions. This meant really thinking about what they were going to write. MeetingWeb made for more intelligent responses." (D.O.)

"This has been the most up-to-date, modern, "with the times" class I have ever taken. It's about time! ... It added a completely new dimension to the concept of "going to class." Especially for someone who is a little more timid about speaking up in class. MeetingWeb gave me the opportunity to say what was on my mind. It was also very helpful to see what my classmates were writing and thinking about throughout the semester." (P.C.)

"I cannot over emphasize the word FUN. Using MeetingWeb was great and has turned me into a certified web surfer... MeetingWeb is so easy to navigate and is constructed in a very user friendly and logical manner. " (P.D.)

Eleven weeks of two hour classes is not adequate to cover all the relevant topics that come up in this course. MeetingWeb is an easy and convenient way to further our knowledge by contributing to and reading comments on line. (K.C.)

"MeetingWeb encouraged quality comments." (M.E.)

Prior to the start of this quarter I has used the Internet very little. When required to use MeetingWeb for this class I thought it would be cumbersome and wasteful of my time. After the first couple of postings, it became evident how much external-to-class learning could occur. The use of MeetingWeb allowed for a deeper understanding of global management issues within a relatively short time. (K.G.)

" The cases and class discussion were some of the best I participated in... and MeetingWeb allowed a thoughtful continuation of class discussion. It was like one big project. (L.B.)

"MeetingWeb is a powerful tool to expand information sharing among students and is especially relevant to part-time graduate students whose time in class is limited." (K.T.)

"The MeetingWeb technology was wonderful. I wish most of my classes used this technology to some extent. It truly helped to create a sense of community and teamwork. [It] forced us to "listen" to what others have to say and formulate intelligent, constructive responses." (B.W.)

"MeetingWeb is an effective tool, particularly in a class this large. It allows for the flow of thoughts, insights and information." (K.M.)

"The [MeetingWeb] online conferencing seemed to tie all the classes together for me in terms of concepts, issues, etc.

...I felt my learning greatly increased in this course as I was learning from my colleagues which is what I think the MBA program is all about. I found myself thinking about issues during the week as we posted comments to the site, which may explain why I got more out of the classes and online conferencing that the textbook and articles combined." (C.K.)

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